A Legacy of Sound

To ensure a cartridge reproduces an accurate transcription of the record groove, the cartridge components must be rigidly mountedto the tonearm, whilst simultaneously allowing the tiniest movements of the diamond stylus to be transmitted, via the cantilever, tothe sensing coils. The Legacy boasts an ultra low resonance magnesium metal body which is both very light and extremely strong.For convenience and rigidity, it has threaded inserts allowing the cartridge to be easily mounted and accurately aligned into theheadshell. The stylus is a very low mass 'Vital' fine line diamond, which is highly polished and gives extremely low distortion. Tomaintain rigidity, this is attached to a hard alloy cantilever which transfers the maximum level of detail from the diamond to thecoils; the latter are hand wound using only the highest purity copper. To achieve the optimum compliance required to deliver asmooth, extended frequency response, the stylus damper is formed from a bespoke rubber mixture. Lastly, a precision, rare earth,Neodymium iron boron magnet helps deliver outstanding dynamics.


Frequency response: 20Hz - 22kHz +/-3dB

Channel balance: 1dB max. at 1kHz

Channel separation: 25dB min. at 1kHz

Sensitivity: 0.25mV ± 1dB @ 1kHz

Static compliance: 16mm/N

Vertical tracking angle: 20°

Stylus radius: Vital fine line

Stylus type: Non-replaceable

Load resistance: 100Ohm

Load capacitance: 100 - 1000pF

Internal inductance: 3 μH

Internal resistance: 7ohms

Cartridge weight: 8g

Fixing centres: 0.5in (12.7mm)

Playing weight: 1.5g - 2.Og (1.75g nom)

Price = 49,500 thb





















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