Flux Hi-Fi

The principle is similar to that of an ultrasonic cleaner from dental technology or an ultrasonic bath for eyeglass lenses. Strong high-frequency vibration cleans the surfaces. For some materials, such as aluminum, caused by the treatment with ultrasound damage. Even if the diamond were cleaned perfectly, the high frequency can harm the suspension of the needle armature which causes damage, the same as if you used aggressive liquid cleaners. The Flux-Sonic vibration cleaner, however, operates at a low-frequency. The circuitry and mechanics are designed so that a three-dimensional vibration acts on the needle, which ensures that any dirt particles are removed. The frequency is precisely adjusted so that no damage to the bond or to the suspension is insured - however complete and total cleaning happens. The movement of the needle now corresponds to only a fraction of the load of the playback process. To transfer the vibration from the device to the needle, a liquid is necessary. This has an additional, gentle cleaning action and is produced on an isopropanol basis. NOT alcohol which can damage the bonding. After use, it cleans all the residue. Flux fluid is applied to a specially developed pad made from the finest PE fibers. Already these fibers produce by their number and the resulting density a capillary effect, which is very similar to the action of a liquid. In combination with Flux-Fluid, the result is a perfect combination, which transfers the vibration and at the same time absorbs the dirt. Recommended is the application before each playback.






















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