DS - W3

DS Audio

DS - W3

= 580,000 THB


       The new DS-W3 optical cartridge system has been optimized, by implementing an independent LED and photo-detector arrangement for the left and right channels. As a result the cartridge output voltage has greatly increased from 40mV to 70mV. The DS-W3 cartridge offers a greatly improved S/N ratio when compared to its stable mates, resulting in an even lower noise floor and far greater musical clarity.


      Signal output Photo-electric conversion

     Channel separation 27db more (1kHz)

     Weight 7.9g

      tracking Force = 1.85 - 2.05 g  ( recommend 1.95 g )

     Output signal level 70mV more

    Canti-lever Boron

     Body material Aluminum

     Stylus Line contact


                DS-W3 Equalizer for Optical Cartridge

        Output voltage 500mV (1kHz)

        Output impedance RCA 120Ω XLR 600Ω

        Pre amp input impedance More than 10kΩ

        Input terminals RCA terminals

        Output terminals RCA terminals x 2, XLR terminals x 2

        Size W45cm×H12cm×D435cm

       Weight 13.5kg














































































































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